Eat Your Blues

While working at the York County Coast Star, I received approximately 85 quadrillion press releases, one of them – arriving in the spring of 2000 – being from the Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine, which was launching a new campaign entitled Eat Your Blues, which I immediately stole and turned into a blues song May 28-29.


Eleven days have passed now since she walked out the door

She took your coat but took her own shoes

You come here every night expecting sympathy

All I can say is, “Eat your blues”


Sure you’ve lost a true love and you’re in misery

At least you’ve had a true love, meanwhile look at me


I never said I loved her, was too afraid to lose

So save your crying, man, and eat your blues


I could’ve gone through suffering, I could’ve gone through pain

I never took the chance, I’ve never felt the same


At night I dream about her, I hold her in my arms

I whisper, “You’re the one I had to choose”

I wake up cold and lonely ‘cause I kept it to myself

So buddy, eat your blues


I’m sure you’re feeling lonely like you’ve been kicked and shoved

I understand that happens after you’ve been loved


But that’s not firsthand knowledge, that’s secondhand news

So buddy, eat your blues

Listen closely, eat your blues

Open wide, friend, and eat your blues

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