Don’t Know When, Don’t Know How

One of my favorite stories is how my sister Suzanne, while attempting to console the young son of a friend of hers many years ago following the loss of a loved one, told him, and I quote, “We don’t know when, we don’t know how, but we’re all going to die someday.” I’m sure that comforted the boy and in no way caused him nightmares. At any rate, I thanked her for the title and came up with this bluegrass-style song on December 30, 1991, editing it on August 29, 1997.


Don’t know when, don’t know how

Don’t care when, don’t care how

Baby we all gotta go someday


Could be in the morning, could be in the night

Sooner or later we go to the light

Baby we all gotta go someday


Might feel good, might feel bad

Bound to feel like something that you ain’t never had

Baby we all gotta go someday


You might go at home, you might go abroad

You might go natural, you might go odd

Baby we all gotta go someday


Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews

Are bound together by the following news:

Baby we all gotta go someday

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