Don’t Forget to Walk Around

Lyrically and musically, this began as a 10- or 12-verse Dylanesque song along the lines of Lonesome Day Blues. Its original version was written June 29, 2009, then revised on March 8, 2010, when I pruned several of the lesser verses. Finally, on April 6 & May 14, 2010, I deleted a couple more verses and edited the lyrics to fit a pop melody that I came up with on bass – which was odd, because mostly I write on acoustic guitar. I like the title, if only because my only form of exercise is walking.


We’re standing in a most unusual spot

Things are better than originally thought

When Fate takes your hand, leads you to my hometown

Do me a favor, don’t forget to walk around


I can remember a ‘specially rainy day

The thunder rolled my girl away

You’ll find that old city easy to surround

Once you get inside, don’t forget to walk around


I don’t like this, not what I planned

Been away so long, it’s like a foreign land

No one here knows me, they’re all underground

That being said, don’t forget to walk around


I don’t know her, she just brought my tea

Though she does look good standing next to me

Here comes my plea at the speed of sound

Wherever you go, don’t forget to walk around


Simply put, you’ve set me on the right track

It’s one-way baby, I’m never turning back

Little darling, will you look at what I’ve found

Looks like your hand, let’s not forget to walk around

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