When people actually listen to my lyrics, many of which are tragic or nasty (how I love the blues), sometimes they’ll assume they’re based on my life, failing to credit me with an imagination. “Oh boy, I wonder how Diane feels about that one.” Stuff like that. Well, this one is 100 percent autobiographical. Written May 10, 15 & 29, 2005 after one of our rare spats. Man, how I hate those things.


Not one word has been spoken

No loving kiss goodnight

Under the quilt, remorse and guilt

I’m turning out the light


Our bedtime vow’s been broken

Don’t fall asleep upset

I love you so, but here I go

Into dreams of regret


Three words could end this

Whether or not they’re true

I’d say I am sorry

But are you?


Come sunrise I’ll be joking

Let this sleeping dog lie

What’s left unsaid may soon be dead

Unless we dare to try


And so we do, we talk it through

We kiss and then we sigh

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