Around the Eyes

A rockabilly tune written April 24, June 13 & 14, 2006. Tried to work up a version with The Nerve, but it didn’t happen. Would still like to play this live sometime.


I’ve been called so much worse before

Branded a gambler, a thief, and a whore

Been told I cheat, been told I snore like a tractor


For you I’ve taken out my Sunday clothes

And while it can’t be said I smell like a rose

You make me want to wash between my toes with hot water


My early girlfriends did not last very long

Everything about me they said was too strong

I was so backwards they said I belonged in a museum


The other night you ended up in jail

Kissed my bloody cheek and posted my bail

Those other women never looked past my failures, who needs ‘em?


The question yet to be answered, dear

When I should be put away for years

Is why you let me get so near and so familiar


Is it because of that fine tattoo

Below my knee and above my shoe

Which in a certain light almost looks like you

Around the eyes, maybe

Around the chin, maybe

Around the lips you let me kiss, maybe


Some things are better off left unsaid

So I’ll just keep these rambling thoughts in my head

In the meantime I don’t mind being led

Around your eyes, maybe

Around your chin, maybe

Around your lips you let me kiss, maybe

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