And a Visitor from Charleston

Written September 3, 2010, the title came from the credits of Gone With the Wind. It’s the first – and quite possibly the last – song I’ve written about Rhett Butler.


How do you feel

Striking up a conversation as he’s striking a match on his boot heel

I could do that all day long and never have a measure of his appeal

If he has a fault I doubt it’s something he will ever want to reveal

Why does he have to be alive same time as you and I, you and I


Come on now

He’s feeding you lines left and right as subtle as a snowplow

Like “You should be kissed – and often – by someone who knows how”

If I ever tried to pull that sort of crap on you we’d end up in a big row

I’m thinking it’s high time he buttons up his coat and goes home, goes home


Did he say

“Cheer up, maybe you’ll have an accident” – come on, no way

You’re just trying to make me feel a little bit better and that’s OK

Just ‘cause I’m feeling like a weekend lover on a Monday

There’s no need to say such things unless they’re true, I hope they’re true

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