Vintage Columns


When I surrendered my Seacoast Media Group laminate in December 2007, I not only relinquished my job as Assistant Editor of the York County Coast Star, but I also brought an end to my 14-year gig as the paper’s humor columnist. It was a bittersweet decision; that laminate had one of the best headshots I ever had taken.

I had always planned to publish a Greatest Hits collection of No, But Seriously, and by Greatest Hits, I mean the columns I still find funny and make no effort to hide, erase, burn, or otherwise deny the existence of. But I didn’t get around to it; the project remained on the back burner until I quit, at which point I had a finite number of the things to work with. From May 1994 to December 2007, I wrote 636 columns; 108 of them can be found in No, But Seriously 1994-2007 (Amazon Kindle paperback).

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