We welcome your comments…finally

Having been busy with this, that, and the other thing (none of them being proper maintenance of my website), I had overlooked the difficulties some of you may have had posting comments here, and by difficulties, I mean it has been impossible.

When the inconvenience was brought to my attention by my adorable wife, I double-checked by asking my friend Walt in Virginia to post a comment. He soon responded, and I quote:

I couldn’t leave a comment because I had to be logged in, and I couldn’t log in because I wasn’t registered, and there didn’t seem to be a way to register.  I tried requesting a password reset, but didn’t get an email with a new one.

He failed to mention the virtual hoop of fire he was asked to leap through.

At any rate, now that this site is under new management (me, but a more vigilant incarnation), visitors are now able to leave comments, which I hope is a good thing. We’ll see how vigilant I am now, won’t we?

Carry on.

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Dana Pearson is a writer living in Kennebunk, Maine.
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2 Responses to We welcome your comments…finally

  1. Admin says:

    Hey, Dana, you’re right – – I can leave a comment. Brilliant!

  2. Richard Morse says:

    In response to your anxiety about being interviewed on camera (a post we could not comment directly on), let’s stop worrying about whether you’re beautiful, and just stay focused on the book. As your cousin, I think that you are plenty charismatic, but what do I know? Give people enough to get interested enough to buy the book. It won’t matter what you look like. After your interview, you should then play for yourself any number of interviews of Elmore Leonard (one of my favorite novelists) archived on the web. He is somewhere between incoherent and boring about his own work, which does not affect his ability to sell books.