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I get eBooks. I understand why many people like them, why some prefer them over physical, hold-in-your-hands, paper-based books — or what people used to refer to as “books.”

I prefer actual books. All sorts of reasons. The feel of them. The smell of them. The tactile joy of flipping through the pages, admiring the artwork, employing a bookmark. The history of them. The look of them in a bookcase, the warmth and security and entertainment and knowledge they exude. I need to be surrounded by books just as I need my CD collection, even though countless downloads are out there in the ether just waiting to be downloaded. Same could be said for paintings. Plenty of them online, but I prefer them on my walls.

At any rate, I’m pleased to offer my novels The Muralist and Two Birds as paperbacks (Amazon Kindle). Having edited and designed them myself, I am prepared to take all credit and blame for their production. Seriously, if there are any errors, I want to know so that I can fix them (that’s the great thing about online publishing; edits can made in real time, so that the next person ordering a paperback or eBook version will have an improved edition).

New to my catalog is No, But Seriously 1994-2007, a collection of 108 humor columns that ran in the York County Coast Star. I had this book ready to run in 2007, but when I left the paper at the end of the year, I placed the project on the backburner – where it simmered for a decade. For this edition, I made further edits and created a new cover, utilizing a photo I took in 2006 at the Star office, where colleague Joshua Bodwell, now Big Cheese of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, had created a nostalgic newspaper office tableau using furniture and props formerly used by his family and friends.

At some point I’ll create an eBook version of No, But Seriously, but for now it is exclusively a paperback. Enjoy:

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