“The Muralist” meets the world

The final cover art for "The Muralist," now available on Kindle.
The final cover art for “The Muralist,” now available on Kindle.

So, I suppose that some guy in Indonesia could read my book now. If he reads English, that is.

Today’s task was turning The Muralist into a Kindle book. It took a little bit of tweaking (my colophon of a leaping frog didn’t quite translate), but it’s there on Amazon. Tell every living soul you know and have ever known about it. Not about Amazon. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about that. I’m talking about my novel. Which is on Amazon’s Kindle. And thank you.

What’s The Muralist about? Besides a muralist? Here’s the synopsis:

The people of the coastal Maine village of Albemarle know two things about Sully: 1. He’s the only local artist qualified to paint a mural in the new town hall, and 2. He’s a bit unhinged. So when Sully announces that he’s working on a regatta, the results of which will be on public display for years to come, every boat owner in Albemarle – particularly the ones who’ve ever annoyed the temperamental artist – do two things: 1. Question the wisdom of the hiring committee, and 2. Sweat.

The Muralist is told by Ted Abbott, a travel writer brought home in the spring of 2001 by a family emergency. Once there, he finds it hard to leave. Yes, there’s the family, which has been whittled down to just his mother. There’s Claire, his old high school flame, whose marriage may or may not be an impediment to a fling. There’s the town itself, which risks losing an iconic landmark to development. And Ted would like to stick around and see if the authorities can figure out how a man he used to know died.

But mostly, it’s Sully, a childhood buddy Ted hasn’t seen in years. When they reconnect, their decades-old bond – revisited in flashbacks – is rekindled and strengthened, leading Ted to reconsider what’s important in his life.

To find it, go to: www.amazon.com/author/danapearson

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