Lighting a fire to this Kindle

Here’s a synopsis for you:

Guy writes a novel; guy gets an agent; agent sends guy’s novel to several New York publishers; guy receives encouraging words from some of the publishers, making him think getting published isn’t a pipe dream after all, but they pass on the novel saying it’d be difficult to market it; guy eventually parts ways with agent; guy writes a few more unpublished novels; guy finally decides to send a couple of his books out into the world rather than leaving them to be discovered in a drawer after he croaks.

To that end, the guy – no surprise here, but it’s me – edits some of his works – well, my works – and…hold on, I’ve got to switch tense here…

To that end, I’ve edited and formatted two of my novels for Kindle Direct Publishing. That took a while. But now I’m dealing with the nitty gritty stuff, like writing book descriptions, author bio, acknowledgments, title pages, blah blah blah, as well as designing the covers. I’ve come up with a couple of decent covers, but I think I can improve one of them. I’m sure I could go on improving them for the rest of my life, but at some point I’ve got to cut bait.

Possible cover for one of my novels - coming soon to a Kindle near you
Possible cover for one of my novels – coming soon to a Kindle near you

Kindle Direct Publishing has its pros and cons, but the pros are more appealing than the cons are discouraging, and besides, one can un-publish at any time, so I’ve decided to go ahead with it. When I started writing what eventually became The Muralist (my first completed novel, and one of the two I’ll be uploading to KDP this month), the thought of self-publishing was highly unattractive, a sign of defeat, the route of lesser mortals. That was 1997. Today, as Bob Dylan once sang, things have changed. That stigma is gone. Also, the older I get, the more realistic my objectives become. No longer do I dream of being the next Stephen King. Now I’d just like to have lunch with him. Still aiming high, I know, but still…

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