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Leaving the York County Coast Star almost six years ago signaled the end of my nearly 14-year-old humor column, No, But Seriously. Along with my colleagues, it was the hardest thing to leave behind.

To make a short story shorter, it’s coming back. Jane Lord, editor of The Village, Current Publishing’s monthly magazine mailed to thousands of homes in Kennebunk, the Port, and Arundel (and available online at www.keepmecurrent.com/the_village), has asked me to start writing a humor column for the paper. I said yes. The first one will be in the November edition, which will be out at the end of October.

Though it’s essentially a continuation of No, But Seriously, I figured it’d only be appropriate to change the name for its new home. To that end, it’s being called As I Was Saying. Anyone with a trivial mind like mine who knows the essentials of the history of The Tonight Show, particularly the events surrounding Jack Paar’s walking off the show in 1960, will understand the allusion.

While I’ve had this website to use as an outlet for new and old material, I still believe that when it comes to the written word, there is nothing like having it in printed form in your hands. I am, and always will be, a throwback. Newspapers, magazines, books – yes, they’re being challenged by their e-counterparts, but I’m convinced they’ll be around for quite a while. (Perhaps I would have championed the butter churn 100 years ago.) While online, a person has to search for what they want in an infinite field; when a paper arrives at your door, you’re very likely to skim through its finite offerings to see if anything catches your interest.

Here’s hoping As I Was Saying will be one of those anythings.

And here’s a public thank-you to Jane Lord, publisher Lee Hews, and The Village for bringing me on board. This’ll be fun.

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