And on the music front…

After gestating longer than an African elephant, The Wetsuits’ debut album is finally ready for public consumption. The Wetsuits (it took a while to come up with that title; the next one, just so you know, will be called Strange and Random Cheeses) offers 12 original songs written by me and/or Byon Yeatts and arranged by the three of us, the third being Jim O’Neil. All Wetsuits-related info, including CD notes and our schedule, can be found at The CD is at And feel free to like us on facebook.

Several tunes, nearly completed, did not make it on the album; those, and the ones partly begun earlier this year, will be assembled for our follow-up, which, as you know by now, will be called Strange and Random Cheeses. God, I love that title.

While the chord structures, melodies, and themes often come easily, the lyrics for songs take time. They’re like poetry, and need to be economical. I could make it easier on myself and just plug in words that’ll fit, but I’m always aware that people might actually listen to the lyrics, and I don’t want to embarrass myself. More than usual, that is.

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