Thanks, Kennebooks!

Here’s a big thank-you to the good people at Kennebooks (Lower Village, Kennebunk), specifically Virginia, Kath, and Barbara, for making my reading there on Saturday, June 22 happen, and for ensuring that it would be an enjoyable experience.

Signing a copy of “Two Birds” for Sara Sinclair after the June 22 reading at Kennebooks in Lower Village.

So as not to bore myself or anyone else who happened to be at my first reading back in March (I was thinking of my wife, who is contractually obligated to come to these things, but a couple of friends graciously made a repeat appearance, and you know who you are, Byon and Sue), I wrote new material for the event (including a critical reading of a story I wrote in the first grade, about a kleptomaniac mouse), and read different excerpts from Two Birds. It was a small and receptive audience which included my Kennebunk High School English teacher Joe Foster, whom I acknowledged, appropriately enough, in the book’s Acknowledgments, for having played an important role in my development as a writer, that development including having to pretend that I had read Dickens’s Hard Times.

One woman was particularly kind, saying she missed my No, But Seriously column from the York County Coast Star, and wished I would compile them in a book. Always eager to avoid a sale, I alerted her to the existence of this website, where she could re-read my “greatest hits” for free. (If you’ve found it, thanks again for showing up for the reading.)

Speaking of Two Birds, which I am wont to do from time to time, copies are expected to arrive at Nonesuch Books in Biddeford any day now. My gratitude goes out to Jon Platt and Paula Dutko for ordering the books. The plan is that when they land, I’ll go up and sign them, which will undoubtedly increase their market value by…well, you’d have to divide the amount of ink expended in such an exercise by the amount found in a package of Caran d’Ache ink cartridges, then…oh, I’m no good at math.

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