Novel approaches: part 10

Publish novel: check.

For some reason, I thought I’d feel differently about it. After decades of working toward a major life goal, one would think the achieving of it would be accompanied by a head-exploding sensation of joy, relief, and self-satisfaction. But I suppose if that were the case, one would then sink into a state of accomplishment, with nothing left to prove. Come to find, one thing leads to another, much like the path that led to the publication of Two Birds.

Which, by the way, is available to order on Amazon now. It went live Sunday morning, during a flurry of communication between myself and my publisher Alexandra in New York. Exciting moment, one that lasted but a few minutes. Then, naturally, my mind shifted gears, into worrying about getting word out about the book, trying to sell it, hoping people will enjoy it, arranging book signings and readings, editing existed manuscripts into publishable form, and working on new material.

That could be because I have yet to hold a copy of Two Birds in my hands. That should happen mid-week, when I expect to receive my few copies in the mail – a couple of which I’ll be forwarding to the U.S. Copyright Office. Perhaps then it will all feel real. Perhaps then I’ll feel as though I achieved what I set out to do in the fourth grade. I’ll let you know.

Duffy’s Tavern, Kennebunk, Sunday, January 6, 2013

My wife threw a little party for me Sunday night down at Duffy’s Tavern in Kennebunk, gathering some friends to celebrate the occasion. It was sweet of her to do it, sweet of them to show up…and naturally an occasion for me to fret over their reception of the book. Will they like it? Will they tell me the truth? Are all writers this neurotic?

Note: For those interested in picking up a copy in Maine while supporting the state’s independent bookstores, Two Birds is expected to start arriving by the end of the month.

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2 Responses to Novel approaches: part 10

  1. Congratulations! Perhaps you could arrange a reading/booksigning at Huntington Common where Everett and I have lived since May 31. We have an active writers group here, every other Monday afternoon, led by Valerie Reid of the high school drama department. I love it when she reads MY poems instead of hearing them in my voice.

    Surely, you will have a book signing at Kennebooks and you may want to ask our church committee whether there is still a place for a speaker on the Summer Speaker Series with book signing.

    Who is your distributor? I am filling out the ISBN application for my book and need one, apparently.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks, Mary. My publisher and I will be working on scheduling signings/readings/etc. together this month and beyond. As they’re confirmed, I’ll add them to the CALENDAR menu item up above. I appreciate your suggestions. (And yes, Val Reid is a good reader; I once did a short story reading event with her and a couple other people in Kennebunk several years ago.)
      The people at Kennebooks have said they’d host an event; the details have yet to be discussed.
      My distributor, I suppose, is my publisher. For the time being, Red Skies Publishing will be responsible for distributing the book wherever it’s needed.