I’m more concerned about the Easter Seals calendar

Screw the Mayans. What did they know? They’re gone. They couldn’t even predict their own extinction, otherwise they’d have a seat today at the United Nations.

No, the people I trust are the ones at Easter Seals – you know, the good people whose mission is to “ensure that all people with disabilities have opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.” I mean, seriously, if you can’t trust Easter Seals, who can you trust?

The end is nigh…

Which is why I am particularly disturbed to learn – somewhat belatedly – that my Easter Seals calendar ends on December 31…of this year…2012…and…and…

…and that’s it. Done.

Over. Nothing. A big black void.

We are doomed. So why did I just mail out my December car payment?

Wait. Hold on a sec.

Yeah, OK. Sorry, my bad. Just checked the mail. Got the 2013 Easter Seals calendar. We’re good. Sorry to have sounded so hysterical over a calendar. I mean, seriously.

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