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Dana Pearson is a writer living in Kennebunk, Maine.

Paperback writer

I get eBooks. I understand why many people like them, why some prefer them over physical, hold-in-your-hands, paper-based books — or what people used to refer to as “books.” I prefer actual books. All sorts of reasons. The feel of them. … Continue reading

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Two Birds: Chapter 1

Two Birds is available for download as an Amazon Kindle e-book; a Kindle is not required – you just need the free app. Just go to  And here, for your reading pleasure, is the first chapter. Enjoy!   The phone … Continue reading

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Stretching out my life with movies

There’s this reference book, I’m sure you’ve seen it, called 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. Edited by Steven Jay Schneider, it provides a list of…well, the title is self-explanatory. I have the fifth edition, which presents cinema’s … Continue reading

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I can explain

It probably didn’t look good. I was calling a red squirrel a “son of a bitch” in an angry tone while chasing it down my driveway. And I was carrying a butcher knife. Yeah…I probably looked (and sounded) psychotic. But … Continue reading

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